School Uniform

The parents and staff at St Kieran Catholic Primary School expect a high standard of dress to be maintained by all children. Our uniform is a sign of our School Community, and all are expected to support the Uniform Guidelines. Wearing the correct uniform encourages a sense of pride in self and school and provides consistency and equality for all students. Parents are asked to vigilantly ensure that uniform and grooming requirements are adhered to, as many valuable teaching hours can be lost during the year ensuring the children follow these requirements. Notes will be sent home for breaches of Uniform Policy. All children are expected to wear the correct school and sport uniform on the appropriate days. There should be no mixing of the academic uniform and sports uniform. On excursions and attendance at out-of-school functions, staff will inform parents and students which uniform is to be worn. Parents and children are asked to adhere to school uniform expectations when purchasing items.

St Kieran Catholic Primary School is engaging with a new supplier and making several changes to the uniform, of which will be implemented across the school by the 1st January 2024. Please refer to the Uniform Guidelines 2024 and the Online Uniform Ordering below.

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School Uniform Guidelines 2024