Special Needs at St Kieran

Special Needs support at St Kieran


St Kieran has supported students with a disability since parents in the early 1980’s requested supported from the newly formed Catholic Education Office to set up a support centre for the northern suburbs at the school.

In 2011 the needs of our youngest students led to the development of an early intervention program with students with a disability in the 3 year old to 6 year old age range. This led to the creation of a CEOWA supported program that has evolved in the current regional early intervention program that supports students enrolled in a catholic school in the metropolitan area.

The C Centre supports the most vulnerable students in their first years of education, preparing them for reintegration into a mainstream environment in their home school.

Students with a disability are well supported within our school with a mix of support centre, small group work and individual programs being utilised depending on the particular needs of each student at that point of time.

For more information regarding our programs then please contact our Special Needs Coordinator, Denise Brown.